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Where to stay


Hotel Zlatibor Mona

Hotel Zlatibor MONA**** prizewinner of "Turistički cvet" (Flower of tourism) awarded by the Tourist Organization of Serbia for the best hotel in 2010. 4 stars adorn it, it is located 230 km from...

Hotel Palisad

Hotel "Palisad"**** was built in 1965 and as a longtime leader in the number of overnights during the year, is guiding the continental tourism...

Hotel Olimp

Hotel Olimp**** (Olympus) is classified in the second category (four stars) and cheer with 33 rooms (standard, standard-lux and lux), 7 apartments (6 apartments + apartment „Olimp") and 1 residence...

Hotel Iris

Hotel Iris**** is a new hotel in Zlatibor, built in a mountainous, modern style, whose service and content make it possible for you to experience all the magic of our beautiful mountain. The hotel is located in the heart of Zlatibor...

Mons Hotel and Apartments

Mons Hotel**** & Apartments is located next to the church in the center of Zlatibor, 300 meters from the lake, close to football and tennis courts. With its modern interior, the content that offers the highest level of service, Mons is the right place for.

Hotel “Mir”

The newly opened hotel "Mir"**** (Peace) is located in the quietest part of the tourist center, only ten minutes walking distance from the village center. The hotel...

Hotel Prezident

Hotel Prezident***, noble three-star hotel will offer you service in 9 rooms (8 rooms with a double bed and one triple) and 6 apartments. All apartments consist of bedroom and living room. The suite...

Hotel & Spa “Idila”

HOTEL & SPA IDILA**** is a modern tourist facility of high category, which covers an area of 1800m2. Accommodation capacity includes 5 luxurious apartments, 3 studios and 10 rooms with a maximum...

Hotel Novakov dvor

In the village Đurkovac, 300 m from the center of Zlatibor, there is a hotel "Novakov Dvor"**. It is a newly-built and modern facility, which complies with all European standards and is very suitable for vacation and relaxation of tourists. There is the...

Hotel Dijamant (Diamond)

Hotel Dijamant** Zlatibor is located 100 meters from the bus station in the immediate vicinity of the center. The building has its own restaurant. The capacity of the building is 125 beds. The hotel has 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 rooms as well as 1/5 and 1/6 duplex.


Pension „CMC Klub Satelit“

Address: Bačijska 3, 31315 Zlatibor
Phone: 00381 31 841 188, 00381 31 841 897, 00381 63 333 443
E-mail: office@satelit.rs; Website: www.satelit.rs

MONIX Club – Zlatibor

MONIX Club – Zlatibor is located on Zlatibor on the edge of the estate of Obudojevica, 800 m away from the center and 300 m from the ski lift.
The building was completely renovated in 2018. It has 50 beds in comfortable rooms and luxurious suites with...

Apartments Monix Center

Apartments Monix Center are located in the center of Zlatibor, near the shopping center, markets, lake, across from the bus station.
The apartments consist of an entrance hall, living room with kitchen, separate bedroom, bathroom with hydromassage...

Apartments Monix Svetogorska

Apartments Monix Svetogorska are located next to the church in the center of Zlatibor, 300 meters from the lake and the shopping center. Nearby there are football and tennis courts. The apartments are located at 1.150 m from the bus station and the...


Children’s resort „Golija“

Address: Panta Mijailovića bb, Zlatibor
Phone: 00381 31 841 135, 00381 31 841 822
E-mail: udozlatibor@open.telekom.rs; Website: Resort „Golija“

Resort “Sunčev breg”

100m from the center of Zlatibor, at 1035m above sea level, lies resort fit for children “Sunčev breg” (Sunny Hill). It is one of the most beautiful facilities for children and youth, equipped with all the amenities for a pleasant stay to remember. In the

Student resort “Ratko Mitrović”

The resort is a complex composed of 4 villas located in a pine forest not far from the center of Zlatibor. It provides excellent conditions for organizing conferences and seminars. There are 150 rooms and convention facilities...

GP “Planum” resort

Resort "Planum" is located in the nicest part of Zlatibor close to the lake, in the climate intersection with favorable effect on human health. Nearby are the bus stop and the health center. Surrounded by pine forest, resort has 80 beds and double, triple

“Dunav” (Danube) resort

"Danube" resort is located in the heart of Zlatibor surrounded by pine trees. In front of the resort there is a shopping center with boutiques, cafes, discos and market. The resort is open to all guests...


Lodging „Kristal“

If you require authentic accommodation on the Zlatibor mountain, one exuding domestic atmosphere, tradition and quality, then “Kristal” inn is the right choice for you. We are situated on the sunniest slope of Zlatibor...

Lodging TO “Zatibor”

Lodging TO Zlatibor is located in the center of Zlatibor, at a beautiful location in the middle of a pine forest, in the building of the Tourist Organization "Zlatibor". Lodging has six double rooms, one bedroom with living room and...

Lodging “Sport-Trim”

Lodging SPORT TRIM is located at 1,050 meters above sea level, in a pine forest at 1,000 m distance from the center, in the village of Karaula. The inn..

Lodging “Kaćun”

The inn with a restaurant of local cuisine "Kaćun" is located near the center of Zlatibor. Close to cafes, ski fields and footpaths, as well as a sufficient distance from the crowd that follows the center, make this property...

Lodging “Braća Sekulić”

Restaurant of domestic cuisine with the hostel "Braća Sekulić" is situated on the periphery of the village Obudovica and at the foot of the ski slopes. It offers exceptional ambience for eyes and other senses. In the luxurious ...

Apartment complexes

Monix Village Zlatibor

Monix Village Zlatibor is an apartment complex located on the edge of Čolovića hill in Potoci estate. The estate consists of seven buildings with fifteen apartments size 55-60 m2. All apartments have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room...


Zlatibor camp

Camp "Zlatibor" is located in southwest Serbia, 230 km from Belgrade, 240km from Podgorica and 185km from Sarajevo.
It is located next to the highway...

Tourist agency

TA „Trendy travel“

031 / 848-550; 069 / 752-072
Miladina Pećinara, Zlatibor (opposite the bus station)
www.trendytravel.rs; info@trendytravel.rs

TA „Anitours“

031 / 841-855, 063 / 640-543
Shopping Center, Zlatibor
www.anitours.rs, anitours@ptt.rs, anitours@neobee.net