Lodging „Kristal“

If you require authentic accommodation on the Zlatibor mountain, one exuding domestic atmosphere, tradition and quality, then “Kristal” inn is the right choice for you.

We are situated on the sunniest slope of Zlatibor, where this Serbian mountain pearl unfolds before you in entirety. The site is several minutes of easy walk from the centre of Zlatibor, the market, the ski lift and the bus station. All important localities and sites on Zlatibor that you might wish to visit are close at hand and yet you are far enough from the noise and the high-season crowds, which guarantees you a peaceful sleep and quality rest.

Address: Narcisa 1, 31315 Zlatibor 
Phone: +381 841 945, +381 845 365, +381 63 781 98 23 
E-mail: kristalzlatibor@gmail.com 
Website: www.kristalzlatibor.com

Lodging „Kristal“ X