Restaurant PERUN

Hotel Zlatibor Mona, Miladina Pećinara 26
Contact. 031/841 021; 063/459 760
Opening hours: 09 - 23

“Miris Dunja” – Restaurant and appartments

Besides excellent beverages, in “Miris Dunja” (Smell of quince) you can try great variety of national dishes (calf prepared under the embers, specialty “mirisdunja”, different kinds of roast, barbeque and many other things. We offer a wide range..

Restaurant Jezero (The Lake)

Restaurant Jezero (The Lake) is a real pearl of Zlatibor with an ideal location on the shores of the lake within the apartment complex Kraljevi konaci. Clean air...

Restaurant „Tomba“

It is 100 meters away from the pansions and apartments, with an atmosphere that takes you back to the time when the true host was appreciated and when the guest was welcomed in a way that is now only narrated and desirable, and here is the reality...