Restaurant „Koliba kod Milunke“ (Cottage at Milunka’s)

In the very center of Zlatibor, at the site of the former Koliba restaurant, a new, modified and renovated restaurant was opened, called the Koliba kod Milunke. In a brand new appearance, a restaurant in the Serbian national spirit offers a complete range of national dishes and drinks. The cottage at Milunka is named after the well-known and famous cook, in whose cooking skillsmany were convinced. Popular food prices, served in an excellent way, with a pleasant ambience and professionalism and kindness of staff, make Koliba kod Milunke a special place among Zlatibor restaurants.

Phone: 00381 31 841 638; 00381 65 5055 166

Restaurant „Koliba kod Milunke“ (Cottage at Milunka’s) X