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Gold Gondola on Zlatibor was officially put into operation on January 11, 2021. With its impressive nine kilometers long route, it now has the title of the longest panoramic gondola in the world. Zlatibor's Gold Gondola connects the center of Zlatibor with the Tornik ski resort, which is also the highest peak of the mountain. With a current capacity of 600 passengers per hour in 54 separate cabins with 10 seats each, the gondola provides tourists with an unforgettable experience and 25 minutes, which is how long is a one-way ride, of enjoying the picturesque landscapes of Zlatibor.

The gondola has one intermediate station on Lake Ribnica, where the development of the Novi Zlatibor project is planned (high category tourism, on over 200 ha of land).

Gold Gondola is open to visitors every day.

The first ride starts at 08:30 AM from the terminus on Zlatibor. The last ride from the terminus on Zlatibor is at 03:00 PM (from Zlatibor to Tornik). The last ride from the terminus (from Tornik to Zlatibor) is at 04:00 PM.

The maximum capacity of the gondola is planned to be 90 cabins and 1,000 passengers per hour. With over 36 cantilever arms, at a speed of 6 meters per second, the gondola begins its journey at the altitude of 531 meters and ends it at the 1,496 meters high Tornik peak. The height of individual pillars ranges from 6.45 m to 30 m, and every single piece of the gondola was designed in accordance with the static calculations, while respecting all the necessary safety conditions and requirements related to the crossing of the cable car over the lake, accompanying facilities, all infrastructure routes, ski tracks and construction land. The span between the pillars and their height vary depending on the geometric route. The distances between the pillars are mostly in the range of 160 to 450 meters.

It’s almost inconceivable to have a real and authentic mountain vacation experience without the panoramic gondola that will take you sailing beneath the clouds and cruising above the most beautiful places, ski tracks and other recreational and sports facilities. To skiers, excursionists, adventurers and all those interested, Gold Gondola offers an unforgettable view of Zlatibor.

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