Zlatibor tourism organization

Zlatibor tourism organisation was founded in 1995, as the successor of Čajetina Municipality Tourist Union. Its headquarters are on Zlatibor. Basic activities of organization are advancement and promotion of Zlatibor tourism, stimulation of infrastructure development, decorating touristic localities, organization and taking part in tourist and other manifestations and meetings, as well as other activities, directly connected with tourism.

Tourist Organization is trying to present tourist offer of Zlatibor to the public in the best possible light, so the greatest effort is directed to production of written and audio-visual means which are distributed on Zlatibor, as well as at various presentations in the country and abroad. This organization also makes effort to improve the quality of Zlatibor tourist product and constantly works on improvement of all factors that could have an influence on it. In recent years, a lot has been done for tourist micro destinations development so rural tourism has already been developing in the neighborhood of all tourist localities. High quality excursions are organized every day for the guests of Zlatibor, guided by expert tourist guides.

Tourist Organization "Zlatibor" is one of the most successful tourist organizations in Serbia, which is confirmed by numerous prestige rewards given by eminent institutions in the field of tourism and economy.

More than 250 thousand visitors, with more than a million overnights per year, testify to successful work of Tourist Organization "Zlatibor". As we care for our visitors and their opinions, they can leave their proposals and suggestions in a tourist post – box in the shape of a pine tree put in the center of Zlatibor, or they can send them to T.O. Zlatibor address, but we receive the most complete information about

remarks and suggestions of our guests through opinion polls that can be filled out at about ten places on Zlatibor. Processed data with expressed wishes of the guests are forwarded to competent establishments and institutions, to take further steps so Zlatibor would become an even more attractive and interesting tourist destination, and to justify expectations of numerous tourists who would get emotionally attached to Zlatibor and its natural beauty, and who would become regular guests of our beautiful mountain.



Tourist organization Zlatibor


Adress: Miladina Pećinara 2, 31315 Zlatibor

Phone: +381 (0) 31 841-646, +381 (0) 31 848-015, +381 (0) 31 848-415

E-mail: zlatibor@zlatibor.org.rs


Info center: +381 31 845-103

Email: info@zlatibor.org.rs

Skype: turisticka.organizacija.zlatibor

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