Restaurant „Zlatiborski pastuv“ (Zlatibor Stud)

Restaurant „Zlatiborski pastuv“ located in Farma near the tourist center of Zlatibor, is a restaurant of national cuisine where you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes of Serbian cuisine. Restaurant „Zlatiborski pastuv“ also has its ranch, which houses a mini zoo and stable for horse-riding. Visit us and enjoy delicious food. Restaurant „Zlatiborski pastuv“ offers you specialties of Serbian cuisine such as lamb and pork, homemade kajmak, cheese, proja, brandy, smoked ham, as well as an unavoidable specialty on Zlatibor, a set of buns. You can also enjoy the nature by walking through our ranch with horse stable and a mini zoo, and those brave ones can try horde-riding.


Phone: 00381 31 3841 635

Restaurant „Zlatiborski pastuv“ (Zlatibor Stud) X