Restaurant „Kod Loja“ Sušica

At the intersection of the roads to the two mountain beauties of Zlatibor and Tara, a cafe „Kod Loja“ is located. With a tradition of over 30 years, the contents of the tavern changed in accordance with the requirements of modern lifestyles, suggestions of guests, but still retained the traditional spirit of the Zlatibor region. The „Kod Loja“ coffee shop opened in 1977 and soon became an inevitable place for rest, recovery and good food for many drivers, travelers and intentioners. For more than four decades, the building has been refurbished several times, upgraded and complemented with amenities, in order to provide as complete and better service to both regular and occasional visitors. A rich and quality offer also includes a store of mixed goods where visitors can get the necessary things for the trip.


Phone: 00381 3 3831 887

Restaurant „Kod Loja“ Sušica X