Lodging “Sport-Trim”

Lodging SPORT TRIM is located at 1,050 meters above sea level, in a pine forest at 1,000 m distance from the center, in the village of Karaula. The inn has 110 beds in apartments and comfortable rooms in two buildings.

Guests can use a restaurant with 110 seats, a hall and a cocktail bar. Two basketball courts and a jogging track (trim staza), after which the inn got its name, are located close to buildings. Due to the additional rich content and peaceful settlement in which it is settled, it is an ideal place for children.

Address: Karaula 66

Telephone: 031/846-036, 031/843-043

Email: sporttrim@gmail.com office@sporttrimzlatibor.rs

Intermet address: Lodging “Sport-Trim”

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