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The area of exceptional characteristics, where the eagle circles the sky... The meanders of the green river Uvac will on the catamarans, after cruising through the lake, lead to the mysterious Ice Cave, where cave decorations glitter in the darkness of the Neolithic. We continue our excursion to the Dubnica monastery and the village of Štitkov. The tour of this region ends with a break in the restaurant "Zlatar pearls".


Price: 2 200 RSD + 150 RSD Ice Cave entrance fee

Departure at 9 AM, return until 5:30 PM

The price includes a catamaran ride.


Immediately behind the border, in the Republic of Srpska, we visit the Dobrun Monastery, a white complex beneath Karađorđeva stena and its museum that heritage the Serbian past of this region. The road leads us to Višegrad, where we will be blinded by the magnificent bridge, the famous Ćuprija on Drina from 1571. аnd downstream, on Mezalin, another white complex of stone, Andrića grad, where we will visit all available contents.


Price of excursion: 1 200 RSD

Departure: 9 AM, return until 5 PM


The place where beauty begins. In the emerald green mountain range Javor, Zlatar, Murtenica, Zlatibor, Šargan, Tara, this beauty dominates with its virgin forest greenery and massif spreading to the Republic of Srpska. We will see part of the National Park to Tresetište, where the ground "waves under the feet". Plate of Kaludjerske bare, a viewpoint of Kozja stena (Goat rock) ... A pause for trout and wine on the river Vrelo and continuation towards the Raca monastery.


Price: 1 200 RSD + 150 RSD National park entrance fee

Departure at 9 AM, return until 5 PM.


How people lived and worked in the 19th century, how they managed to create for themselves everything they needed for life. Hard work and respect for the natural order enabled them to survive in difficult times. Outdoor ethno village is known worldwide.

We will visit the Stopića cave, the Knitwear Museum, the waterfall in Gostilje, which falls down more than 20 meters and disappears in the forest.


Price: 900 RSD + 250 RSD entrance fee to the cave + 150 RSD etrance fee to the ethno village + 150 RSD entrance fee to the waterfall

Departure at 9 AM, return until 4 PM


Vision of the Kreman prophet was realized and nowadays, through the narrow-gauge railway, the Nostalgija train full of tourists is visiting Šargan. Bela Voda St. John the Baptist complex also has a well from which we take holy water for the eyes. And on the hill Mećavnik there is Drvengrad, the village hotel and its cinema, restaurants, swimming pool. The streets of Andrić, Đoković, Tesla ... On the return visit of the Memorial to the Kreman prophecy.


Price: 900 RSD + 250 RSD entrance fee to Mećavnik + 600 RSD train ride

Departure at 9 AM, return until 4 PM


Neolithic moment. Within a few kilometers of the highway Užice - Požega, in the caves covered with forests there is an imposing cave entrance which is over 50 m high and 26 m wide. The cave is suited for visitors and illuminated. Unusually beautiful cave fragmentation, unforgettable stone drapes. On the way to Potpeć we will visit the National Museum near Užice and Legat Jokanović's house.

Price: 1 200 RSD. + entrance fee to the Jokanović's house + entrance fee to the Potpeć cave

Departure at 9 AM, return until 4 PM.


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