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Departure at 9 AM

Tour of Dobrun Monastery Complex;

Group walk through the main street, tour of the Ivo Andrić’s memorial classroom;

Visit of the bridge on Drina (Most na Drini Ćuprija);

Andrića grad visit and leisure time, riding a boat;

Return to Zlatibor at about 4 PM.


Price: 1 250 RSD. The price does not include: The ticket to the Ivo Andrić’s memorial classroom (1 KM); Boat ride (400 RSD).


Departure from Zlatibor at 9 AM;

Driving through Šljivovica and Kreman to Tara (Kaluđerske bare), with a short stay at the hotel Omorika;

Departure to Mitrovac through beautiful landscapes of the Tara National Park and tour of the Tepih livada (Carpet meadow);

Descent from Mitrovac to Lake Perućac with retention on the viewpoint with the possibility of photographing;

Tour of the river Vrelo on Perućac (Godina river 365 m long);

Lunch break in the nearby restaurant "Vrelo";

Travel through Bajina Bašta with a break for watching Kućica na Steni (Lodge on the Rock);

Departure to the Rača Monastery built in the 13th century which represents a very significant religious and cultural historical building;

Return to Zlatibor at about 6 PM.


Price: 1 300 RSD. The price includes: transportation; tour guide services.



Departure at 10 AM;

Visit Stopica cave in the village of Rožanstvo;

Visit to the Old Village Sirogojno - outdoor museum, leisure time;

Tour of the village of Sirogojno (group visit to the Knitwear Museum);

Visit of waterfalls in the village of Gostilje;

Return to Zlatibor at around 5 PM.


Price: 900 RSD. The price does not include: ticket to the waterfall (150 RSD);

ticket to the Old Village Museum (150 RSD, free for children up to 7 years old); ticket to Stopića cave (250 RSD , free for children up to 7 years old, from 7 to 15 years 150 RSD); ticket to the Knitwear Museum (50 RSD).



Departure at 9 AM;

Driving to Uvac lake for 1 hour, arrival at the lake and boarding, riding for about 3 hours (driving in both directions at the specified time interval, with a short stay for the tour of the Ice Cave);

Climbing the viewpoint with a spectacular view of the Uvac Meadows;

Observation of eagles / vultures and other birds on nests and in flight;

Visit to the village of Štitkovo, arrival and sightseeing of the village;

Visit of Dubnica Monastery in the village of Božetići;

On returning to Zlatibor, staying with a break (for a cup of coffee or lunch) at the Zlatar at the Zlatarski Biseri hotel;

Arriving to Zlatibor at around 6 PM.


Price: 2 250 RSD. The price includes: transportation, tour guide services, catamaran ride.



Departure at 9 AM;

Driving by the Šargan Eight;

Tour of the medicinal spring Bele Vode in Mokra Gora;

Visit to Drvengrad (group going to cinema projection of short film by Emir Kusturica, leisure time);

Visit Viljamovka camp in the village of Kremna (possibility of tasting and buying souvenirs);

Return to Zlatibor at around 4:30 PM.


Price: 900 RSD. The price does not include: entrance fee to Drvengrad (250 RSD); a ticket for traveling by Ćiro train (600 RSD adults, 300 RSD children).



Departure at 8 AM;

Travel to Sarajevo with a short break halfway, arrival to Sarajevo at around 12 PM;

Group tour of Baščaršija (Begova mosque, Princip's Bridge, Cathedral Church, Sacred Heart Cathedral), leisure time until 4 PM;

Visit of the source of Vrelo Bosne;

Return to Zlatibor, with a stay in Višegrad (coffee break);

Arrival to Zlatibor at around 8 PM.


Price: 2 500 RSD. The price includes: transportation, tour guide servies.



Departure from Zlatibor at 9 AM;

Coffee break at Zlatar at Zlatarski Zlatnik Hotel;

A planned arrival at 11.30 AM in the Mileševo Monastery and a visit to the Treasury of Mileševo Monastery;

Continuation of the road to Kamena Gora - aerial spa;

A tour of the Kamena Gora and the famous Sveti Bor (Holy Pine), old over 400 years;

Break with lunch or coffee at a nearby restaurant;

Return to Zlatibor at about 5 PM.


Price: 1 300 RSD.



Departure from Zlatibor at 9 AM;

Arrival in Potpeć village and tour of Potpeć cave for 45 min;

Tour of the ethno park "Terzića avlije";

Tour of the village of Zlakusa, attending pottery class with the presence of the famous potter for about 15 minutes;

Continuation of the road to Užice and tour of the National Museum and Jokanović’s house;

Sightseeing of the city by bus and tour of the old hydroelectric power plant in Đetinje;

Arriving to Zlatibor at around 6 PM.


Price: 1 000 RSD. Note: The price does not include the price of tickets to Potpeć cave (200 RSD for adults, 150 RSD for children); Entrance into the ethno park "Terzića avlije" (150 RSD); Ticket to the National Museum (120 RSD for adults, 100 RSD for children).



Departure from Zlatibor at 7 AM;

Traveling down the Drina River, with a pause in Bajina Bašta, on the viewing and photographing point of the Kućica na Drini (Lodge on the Drina);

Continuation of the road to Mali Zvornik, where a visit to the underground city of Karađorđević is planned;

Coming to Bijeljina at 11:30, a visit to the City Park and the Semberija Museum;

Continuation of the road to the Etno village "Stanišići", a village beyond the present time and space, brings us back to the ancestors, nature and wonders in our simplicity of the former way of life;


Return to Zlatibor, with an occasional retention in the Pet jezera (Five Lakes) neighborhood, where the Monastery of St. Petka is located, dedicated to the Holy Venerable Mother Parascheva;

Continuation of the journey to Zlatibor, with a short pause in the Etno village "Vrhpolje" (break on the terrace of Hajdučka kuća);

Arrival to Zlatibor in the evening.                         


Price: 2 500 RSD.

RAFTING ON THE TARA RIVER (12 km and 30 km)

One-day rafting in the heart of Durmitor National Park, 12 km boat ride, for about 2 hours on the river; the entire program takes about 3 hours;

One-day rafting at a distance of 30 km from the Second Camp to Radovan port with a safari ride from Radovan port to Žabljak;

The tour of Ljutica, the left tributary of Tara, which is twofold in The Guinness Book of Records, as the strongest European spring of 1,000 liters per second and the shortest European river, only 170 meters long;

Passage under the big bridge, the largest road bridge made of reinforced concrete in Europe;

Swimming in green sources (the so-called Paradise Gardens).



(Perućac-dam to Domica and Perućac-dam to confluence Rača in Drina)

The boarding is directly below the dam of Bajina Bašta;

Rafting takes place on the most attractive part of the Drina, under the waterfall of the Vrelo river and over a light beech;

Sailing is a part of recreational rafting with a beautiful scenery for taking photographs;

The maximum number of persons per boat is 10 plus the skipper;

Rafting is 14 km long up to the little house on the rock and it takes 2 to 3 hourd, depending on the water level, that is, to the confluence of Raca in the Drina 13 km.

Address: Krfska bb, Zlatibor

Phone: +381 (0)31 848 550



Additional location: Tržni centar bb, Zlatibor

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