What to do


Agency Monix

Address: Miladina Pecinara 74, Zlatibor
Phone: +381 (0)31 845 500; +381 (0)31 031 845 505
E-mail: zlatibor@monix.rs; Web: www.monix.rs


New Year’s

The New Year’s Eve, organized on the open stage at Kraljev trg, is one of the biggest entertainment events in Zlatibor, with the participation of pop music performers, trumpet orchestra, while at midnight fireworks are organized...

Serbian New Year’s Eve

Tourist association Jablanica in collaboration with Tourist organization “Zlatibor”, local community, cultural sports center and Čajetina municipality has organized New Year’s Eve celebration in sequence in front of the church devoted to holy Mother’s...


Collective and individual sports

The most popular and the most attractive team sport in the world is definitely football. And right here in Zlatibor, along with the exceptional climatic conditions, good basis for basic training is completed by modern infrastructure. Actually...

Extreme sports

Thanks to suitable terrain and convenient air currents, paragliding has become more and more popular extreme...

Walking routes and pathspaths

What Zlatibor is famous for and what majority of guests enjoy most are walks around Zlatibor. A walk as a cyclic movement is one of rare phisical activities that can be performed by everybody. The benefit...

Bicycle tracks

Because of the mild ups and downs of the terrain, riding a bike is a real pleasure for lovers of this sport. Longer distances for mountain bike rides can be performed...


Dino & Adventure Park

Address: Ulica Sportova bb, 31315 Zlatibor
Phone: +381 (0)31 640 900
E-mail: info@dinopark.rs; Website: www.dinopark.rs

Adventure park

Address: Miladina Pećinara bb, 31315 Zlatibor
Phone: 00381 (0) 66 10 33 01
E-mail: info@avanturazlatibor.com; Website: www.avanturazlatibor.com


Ski center Tornik

Ski center Tornik is the biggest ski resort in Zlatibor, 9 km away from the tourist center of Zlatibor. Four ski trails had been renewed and extended (Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica i Zmajevac). The most...