Geographical features

Relief (Relievo)

Zlatibor is a mountain of plateau type, it is undulating landscape clearly different from its surrounding. By these high and steep slopes, Zlatibor is separated from its surroundings into individual morphological whole, with special geographical characteri


The climate on Zlatibor is alpine and sub-alpine with typical characteristics. Summers are pleasantly warm with cool nights and winters are quite long and relatively strong with lots of precipitation...


latibor plateau leans towards the north and northwest that results all the waters to flow into the Black Sea through the Drina, the Đetinja and the Moravica. The rivers and streams are rich with various kinds of fish.The powerful river Uvac...

Flora and fauna

Flora of Zlatibor is extremely versatile and is an integral part of tourist offer. Vast forests provide picnic and recreational tourist trips, important aesthetic role and great health resort. Characteristic landscape of Zlatibor is represented by...