Ski center Tornik

Ski center Tornik is the biggest ski resort on Zlatibor, 9km away from Zlatibor tourist centre. Its height is 1100-1490m above sea level.
Four ski paths (Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac) have been renewed and widened and the most modern six seat cable has been installed. Its capacity is 3000 skiers per hour, the speed is 5m/second, the length is 1650m and the number of seats is 99. Its starting point is 1,111m above sea level and it climbs to under the peak of Tornik at the height of 1485m.

Ski center characteristics:
- Height above the sea level - 1100 m
- The highest peak - 1496 m н.в
- Total length of ski paths - 5 кm
- Number of ski lifts and cables - 3
- Number of easy ski paths (the blue line) - 1
- Number of medium difficult paths (the red line) - 1
- Number of difficult paths (the black one) - 1
- Maximum height difference  - 373 m
- The longest path - 2550 m

In the very center of Zlatibor at Obudovica there is an area for recreation and winter sports with one anchor-like ski lift and several baby ski lifts. Renting skis, snowboards, sledges, motor-sledges, and other ski equipment is possible also on the paths. Thanks to terrain configuration there are ideal conditions for Nordic skiing and biathlon on Zlatibor and numerous competitions are held here.

Public enterprise Ski resorts of Serbia: 031/315-0004, 031/315-0005